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Trucking Companies No Longer Have A Weight Problem
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If Your Freight Re-Weighing Program Is Dropping Off... Keep It Moving with SkidWeigh

If the SkidWeigh System had been available in 1984, it's likely that Jack Batten would have thought twice about writing his murder mystery, Crang Plays the Ace. The plot of the Toronto-based thriller revolves around accounting sleight-of-hand car-tied out by garbage hauling firms. But SkidWeigh and its 99-percent-accurate on the spot weight readouts would have cut through the flimflam immediately.

Trucking Companies No Longer Have a Weight Verification Problem

Many companies that use lift trucks have tried various weigh scales on the market, only to be disappointed in their performance. The rough environment causes the scales to require constant re-calibration. Up until now, installation of a scale on a lift truck has not been worth the hassle.

For the past two years, several trucking companies have been testing the SkidWeigh weight checking device. One maintenance manager for a transport company reported, "The SkidWeigh is doing a great job with little or no maintenance." As a result, his company has installed 30 units across the U.S.A.

Have you ever found yourself guessing the weight of a pallet when filling out a waybill? A recent survey was conducted to determine how effective shippers skills were at estimating. Would you believe, on average, actual waybills were underestimated by 39%! At first thought it may not seem like a big deal; however it can cause two serious problems.

Firstly, when trucking companies ship your pallets across the country, they use the waybill information to determine the total weight for the trailer. If the weight of the pallets are inaccurate, the trailer may be overloaded. An overloaded trailer on the highway is a major safety concern and subject to large fines.

1 SPECIAL FEATURE: Weighing systems for forklifts
2 SP-1000 Series SkidWeigh User’s Manual
3 Automatic lift truck check weighing with real time vehicle utilisation visual reporting

SkidWeigh ED2-EPT Series - Electric Pallet Truck Check Weighing System

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